Self-Awareness (personality training)

Investing in the continuous development of an employee’s personality is also an investment in the future viability of your organisation.

With the help of personality training it is possible to recognise values and motives and to deal with different roles. The focus is on behaviour, thoughts and personal goals. It is important to clarify the question of how the employee can achieve high satisfaction and effectiveness.

The SIM. LEARN TEAM supports your employees to recognize and appreciate the benefits and advantages of individual and cultural differences. They can deal more successfully with resistance and increase their personal tolerance and acceptance.

All measures have as a common goal to strengthen the self-awareness and the personal responsibility of your employees.

We offer our services for the following main topics, among others:

  • Self-Awareness and personal responsibility

  • Mindfulness
  • Dealing with change
  • Personal flexibility and integrity
  • Leadership and conflict training
  • Intuition and emotional intelligence
  • Coaching (individual and group coaching)
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Feedback and Coaching

Coaching is the professional advice, guidance and support of employees or managers in organisations. The objective of coaching is the further development of individual or collective learning and performance processes with regard to primarily professional concerns.

The coach enables individuals to understand problem causes and therefore serves to identify and solve the processes leading to the problem.

Feedback as a core element of the coaching process is an essential enabler for self-reflection and self-knowledge. The employee is enabled to deal with perception, experience and behaviour in a more differentiated way, i.e. ultimately to understand himself/herself better and ultimately to lead better. Because only those who can lead themselves possess the basic prerequisite to lead others.

Empower your employees by developing their own personalities through feedback and coaching – and thus form the foundation for the value-adding and future-oriented development of your company.

Our wide-ranging expertise in the fields of psychology, business administration, sales, corporate management and cultural change guarantee sustainable success.

Our portfolio includes:

  • Self-Awareness and personal responsibility

  • Feedback trainings
  • Feedback and coaching as leadership instruments
  • Individual coaching
  • Group Coaching
  • Introduction of a feedback and coaching culture
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Managing complexity

Production and development processes are becoming more complex, the interaction between teams, organizations, suppliers, competitors and society is becoming more and more integrated across functions and increasingly digital.

Agile working methods, the ability to react flexible and a high level of problem-solving competence play an increasingly decisive role in competitiveness (e.g. dealing with the Corona Crisis, electrification, Fridays for Future, …). Dealing confidently with complex decision-making situations that lack transparency and availability of all facts is part of everyday life in many industries (competence to act in a VUCA world).

With our training program ‘Managing complexity’, a combination of proven management approaches, agile methods and modern media, we enable our participants to

  • Increase individual sovereignty,

  • Efficient self-control
  • Directing and increasing effectiveness

In order to ensure the success of this training, very complex problems are depicted very realistically in the training.

The participants experience problem situations “live” with our computer simulations (optional), learn about concrete solution strategies and then integrate them into their everyday work.

The seminar series Managing Complexity consists of the following modules:

  • Basics (survival in the VUCA world)

  • Managing complexity (shaping the VUCA world)
  • Complexity management in an international context
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Team Training

Successful companies are characterized by self-directed, agile teams. Professional skills must go hand in hand with social skills, otherwise frictional losses will inevitably occur.

In order to optimize the performance of your teams, we accompany them from team building to the supervision of existing teams. Among other things, we use our tailor-made simulations and value analysis tools to increase cooperation intensively, transparently and effectively.

Our services

  • Team Start-up

  • Conflict management in a team
  • Team Development
  • Our values (comparison of individual/group/task)
  • Diversity management in the team
  • Teamleading
  • Team Coaching
  • Team Supervision
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Project management (classic and agile)

More than ever before, project management in the age of digitization is caught between the conflicting priorities of scarce resources such as time, budget and personnel. The competitive situation as well as one’s own working environment is becoming disproportionately more complex and fast-moving. Employees come from different cultures. Projects are carried out simultaneously in different countries. In addition, companies often work in parallel with classic and agile project management methods – usually even a combination of both.

We offer our customers a variety of methodical variants for this purpose. Based on a professional context analysis (what the customer really needs), we tailor the respective training concepts to your needs.

Our offers range from the basics of project management to mature concepts for already experienced project managers.

Our portfolio:

  • Effective project management / basics (agile or/and classic)

  • Effective project management / upgrade level
  • Effective project management / expert level
  • Optimization of international project work
  • Support for project kick-offs
  • Project coaching (process-oriented)
  • Communication training for project teams
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Value Management

To find out more, please also read ‘Values Assessment’

My_Motivation is an online test procedure that measures the value systems of individual managers, teams, departments or entire organizations. These drivers shape our perception, thinking, communication and behaviour.

Get to know and understand the values of your employees, teams and / or managers in order to apply them in a targeted manner.

Our value management supports you in this:

  • Effective project management / basics (agile or/and classic)

  • Corporate culture in change
  • Coaching (increase of self-awareness)
  • Increase in performance of teams
  • Change management
  • Management Development
  • Staffing (see also ‘Value Assessment’)

SIM. LEARN GmbH is a licensed partner for the use of the value analysis tool My_Motivation.

Value model according to Clare W. Graves

Sample profile of a manager

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Change Management

Standing still equals death. Never before has adopting to change been so important for the survival of organizations as it is today. Digitalisation, globalisation and demographic change are radically changing business models in many industries. This is a strategic turning point for companies with far-reaching changes – which must be managed accordingly. This applies to large corporations as well as to medium-sized companies – and of course start-ups.

Change management means to change structures, processes, mindsets and behavior patterns in a sustainable way. However, these plans usually fail because managers and employees want to hold on to what they are used to. Usually the insight comes only in a crisis, when there is no other way, but then it is often too late.

Design your change processes in your company successfully with us!

We support our customers in preparing their employees and organizational structures for the upcoming changes in good time and making them fit for the future.

We focus in particular on the topics “changing the mindset” and “changing behavior patterns”:

  • Awareness for change

  • Readiness Check
  • Change support
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Diversity training

The keyword DIVERSITY describes trainings that deal with the professional handling of individual, cultural and gender-specific differences. Intercultural trainings are therefore components of this holistic approach.

DIVERSITY training has long been used to reduce frictional losses and conflict potential in teamwork, project work and everyday work in general. In the globalised, complex world of today, dealing with DIVERSITY has become a prerequisite for successful action.

Our trainings range from the basics to the professional handling of DIVERSITY:

  • Team Start-up for bi- and multinational teams (basics)

  • Optimization of cooperation for bi- and multinational teams (build-up level)
  • Successful management of international (team) mergers
  • Optimization of international project work
  • Intergender Trainings
  • Flexibility and integrity (DIVERSITY at the individual level)
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