Development Assessment

The result of an efficient and appreciative Development Assessment is

  • for you the clarity in the selection of your potential candidates
  • the identification of room of improvement also on a personal level

Based on our years of experience in the design and implementation of selection and development AC’s, we have created and patented LUNARIS, a tool that facilitates and accelerates the observation process of participants.

Through the use of our complex, flexible computer simulation, highly authentic behavior can be monitored, including the following focal points:

  • Acting in a complex environment

  • Empathy
  • Dealing with ambivalent decision situations
  • Contact and communication skills
  • Team spirit and cooperation
  • Conflict management
  • Problem solving ability
  • Ability to adapt and learn
  • Endurance and resilience
  • Leadership behavior
  • Result orientation
  • Self-confident appearance

The advantages of using our LUNARIS method during an assessment- and development are

  • All tasks are integrated into an overall context that is coherent and coordinated in terms of content. Thus, neither observers nor participants per task have to adapt to new conditions or settings.
  • Learning objectives can be defined and observed during the observation period – without the risk of distortion (e.g. due to exercises that are difficult to compare).
  • Several tasks must be completed simultaneously.
  • The participants cannot prepare themselves for the task and thus show authentic behavior.
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Value assessment according to Graves

The Graves-Value-System is a psychological-sociological model and was created by the psychology professor Clare W. Graves (1914-1986). The focus was on clarifying the questions: ‘Why are people different? What motivates them? What is really important to them?’

If you take a close look at the various value drivers, you will gain deep insights into development opportunities and causes of conflicts. The inner value attitude of a person thus determines to a large extent the way in which he can – and wants to – function.

The question now is how you can benefit as a company from these findings?

An organisation can only be successful if the leadership culture takes appropriate account of the inner driving values of the employees. A successful corporate culture is based on the values of the employees.

The value analysis tool ‘My_Motivation’ according to Graves is an online test procedure that measures the value systems of individual managers, teams, departments or entire organizations. You can utilize this knowledge to empower your employees and leadership team:

  • The right person in the right place at the right time
  • Starting point for the ideal match between employee and task

SIM.LEARN GmbH is a licensed partner for the use of the value analysis tool My_Motivation.

Value model according to Clare W. Graves

Sample profile of a manager