LUNARIS is a modular, computer-based virtual scenery developed by SIM.LEARN. It is available on different levels of complexity and can precisely be adapted to the requirements of individual training and assessment measures.

LUNARIS consists of an interactive network of 4 to 6 workstations. Each station maps a different aspect of a complex problem, but the participants can only solve the overall task by co-operating in a team. While each participant is responsible for an area (i.e. workstation) of his or her own, all the participants have to communicate actively and intensively. This takes place face-to-face. The participants work in two groups. During a first phase, Team 1 will work on the simulation while Team 2 supervises it and prepares a feedback. After that, roles change.

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LUNARIS – Technical Details

The SIM.SCENARIOS map a virtual problem with a specific focus on the requirements of modern team and project work.

As LUNARIS consists of a network of 4 to 6 workstations, each participant will be provided with a station of his or her own. All simulation data that are entered by the participants are forwarded to a server and processed.

The simulation can simultaneously be run in several languages which makes it a perfect tool for inter-cultural teams.

The software is a web-based application and runs on the internet.

This ensures that the Lunaris simulation can be used all over the world without any problem. The only requirement is that the computer is connected to the internet and that it has an internet browser.

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LUNARIS – Screen Shots

Our most important computer simulation is LUNARIS which again forms the basis for other simulations and scenarios.

The key LUNARIS version features a large number of complex structures and processes which are embedded into the semantic context of a moon station – well, guess where our system takes its name from … Training participants are confronted with the task of managing a moon station and of handling centralised variables such as ordering, production, storage, transport and finances in a common effort.

The benchmark function enables the participants to monitor key performance indicators.

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Licences for our computer simulation LUNARIS are available for training and assessment purposes. In agreement with our clients’ needs we offer standardised and customised licence versions for our products. If you are interested in more detailed information on content and rates, please feel free to contact us.

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