Leading Complexity

Increasing globalization and digitalization, as well as demographic and cultural change, are changing the way modern companies are run today. Companies must become more flexible in order to react quickly to changing customer requirements. Executives are required to handle complexity with confidence in order to position their organization for long-term competitiveness. Thus, managers have a key role in the continued existence of your organization.

In addition, in times of uncertainty and change, employees seek guidance from their superiors. Classic management models alone are not enough. Instead, agility, flexibility, empowerment, trust in employees and working across classic hierarchies and areas are becoming success factors.

To ensure that your managers also master the handling of complexity and steer it in the right direction, we are offering experience-oriented learning. We enable managers to act confidently and strategically and at the same time provide orientation for their employees.

Our portfolio:

  • Individual coaching for dealing with complexity

  • Leading complexity
  • Do´s and Don´ts in dealing with complexity as a manager
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Development Programs

Development programs in the context of leadership can focus on topics such as project management, leadership methods, strategic orientation, values and/or sustainability. These selected core topics are elaborated and practiced over several modules, flanked by learning sponsorships, virtual training sessions and coaching elements. The involvement of senior management, HR and other stakeholders ensures the acceptance and relevance of the measures.

Our competitive advantage lies in the individual design of the development programs and their adaptation to your needs and company situation.

This can be for example

  • the next career step or

  • focusing on self-reflection and personal growth.

Our claim to the sustainability of the measure has top priority. Sustainability is the result of a regular run-through of the following activities: Definition of the individual change wanted ► Implementation ► Reflection ► Adaptation

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Leadership culture

In times of digital transformation, disruptive business models and unpredictable events (corona, natural disasters or relevant political events), the adaptability of corporate culture and the accompanying mind-set for change management play a central role.

On the organisational and process level, companies generally manage the necessary adjustments very well. On the other hand, change on the behavioral and mind-set level pose a much greater challenge for companies.

To find out more, please also read Empowerment > Value management / > Change management (Link)

This is exactly where we offer our expertise and support:

  • Corporate culture analysis (gap analysis)

  • Multiplier qualification and roll-out
  • Management – sensitization/qualification/coaching
  • Process support
  • Evaluation based on clear success criteria
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Coaching and consulting

Link / Content analogous to ‘Coaching’ under the category ‘Empowerment

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